BPSS Contracts - Procedure for Authorizing to Career Schools

All Business Schools, Trade Schools and Computer Training Facilities must be approved by Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision (BPSS) to ensure that appropriate standards are met. These training programs may include formal instruction for specific occupational knowledge and skills related to any professional, semiprofessional, technical, clerical, agricultural occupation or skilled or semi-skilled trade. Training may also include academic coursework that provides knowledge necessary for vocational training and/or employment. ACCES-VR may only purchase business, trade and computer training from private proprietary schools with BPSS approved programs. An approved Enrollment Agreement provided by the school verifies that the program is licensed or registered. An approved Enrollment Agreement must include a BPSS stamp with signature.

Note: The BPSS approval is for the specific training program and not the school. The school may offer other training programs that are not approved by BPSS. ACCES-VR may not purchase those training programs. There are currently over 400 schools with BPSS approved training programs.

These contracts are state-wide and have rates established in the approved enrollment agreement. Funding limits for these services are described in ACCES-VR policy NYSED :: ACCES :: VR : 410.00 Non-Degree Training at Trade.

Procedure for Authorizing Private Licensed Career Schools (BPSS)

  • ACCES-VR must have a copy of the current BPSS approved enrollment agreement to document program cost prior to releasing an A/V; (original is not required; can be a copy).
  • Case Service Code 460X Training at a Private Licensed Career School, is used exclusively for the purchase of BPSS approved training programs from BPSS schools whether they have a contract or not.
  • Only the following 460X Case Service Support Codes may be authorized with BPSS schools:
    Case Service Support Code Funding Limit
    X Tuition $10,000
    F Fees $ 300 
    B Textbooks and Required Materials $ 500
    K Clothing/Uniforms $ 300
    E Equipment/Tools N/A 
  • The entire cost of the program may be authorized based on those cost identified on Program costs may be authorized up to the amount identified on the enrollment agreement and within the ACCES-VR funding limits established in policy.
  • The authorization/voucher (A/V) must itemize costs even if the enrollment agreement does not. Each item will be authorized as a separate line of service.
  • Comparable benefits and services must be applied first before ACCES-VR dollars.
    Note: If the BPSS approved enrollment agreement does not itemize costs separately then additional documentation must be provided with the costs listed by case service code.
  • The VR-846 ACCES-VR Contribution Calculation Worksheet for BPSS Schools will automatically assemble for authorizations with CSC 460X after the next CaMS build. Until then, a blank VR-846 should be sent along with each A/V.
  • A/V - Authorization numbers for all contracted services, including BPSS contracts, will start with the number 8.
  • Schools with Contracts - no other training services may be purchased from the school unless ACCES-VR has other contract types with the school (i.e., CRS, Psychological, etc.) or they are qualified to provide case services with numbers under 200 (i.e., 052X Functional Capacity Evaluation).
  • BPSS schools without a contract - BPSS licensed or registered training programs at schools without contracts may continue to be purchased using Auth Type, “Auth” and CSC 460X.
  • Case Documentation - A copy of the approved enrollment agreement must be retained in the record of service.
  • Funding Limits - (above) are based on those limits established in ACCES-VR 410.00 Non-Degree Training at Trade, Business and Other Schools policy and procedure.
  • Waiver - can be requested by the counselor if actual costs exceed the funding limit and it is determined the funding cap would deny the individual access to services needed to achieve their vocational goal. A waiver should be requested whenever it is determined to be necessary to meet the rehabilitation needs of the individual.
  • Billing - A copy of the approved enrollment agreement, signed by the consumer must be attached to the invoice and submitted by the school. Attendance verification must be provided within 2 weeks of the consumer’s last day of attendance. Copies of these documents must be retained in the record of service.
  • Refund Policy – The amount of refund due, should a consumer not complete a program, is detailed in each program’s BPSS approved enrollment agreement.
    Note: VR Counselors should notify the DO finance staff if a student does not complete the program and finance will determine if a refund is due.
  • MIR date - invoice/billing receipt date for BPSS schools on contract is the 28th of the month.
    For additional clarification, please contact Monica Toye-Smith at monica.toyesmith@nysed.gov or (518) 473-1626.



410.00 Non-Degree Training at Trade, Business and Other Schools Policy
410.00P Non-Degree Training Procedures: Trade Business and Other Schools
POL-14-04 New Funding Limits for Cost Effective Skills Training
POL-09-05 Funding Limits for Vocational Training Programs
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OBSOLETED: PRO-14-01 BPSS Contracts Starting March 1, 2014 – Procedure for Authorizing to Career Schools

Date Issued: October 21, 2014