BPSS Contracts/ACE Institute of Technology

ACCES-VR has issued the first Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision (BPSS) contract with ACE Institute of Technology (also known as Off-Shore, On-Shore Consulting Service).

BPSS oversees and monitors all non-degree granting proprietary schools in New York State, helps ensure the quality of training programs and protects our consumers who attend these programs. Training programs may include formal instruction for specific occupational knowledge and skills for any professional, semiprofessional, technical, clerical, agricultural occupation or for any skilled or semi-skilled trade. Training may also include academic coursework that provides knowledge for success in the vocational training and/or for employment.

CaMS will open to allow authorizations to ACE Institute of Technology the week of November 18. Only those ACE’s training programs with BPSS approved Enrollment Agreements may be used.

Note: An approved Enrollment Agreement must include a BPSS stamp and signature; BPSS certification is for the training program and not the vendor/school.

Only those training programs with approved Enrollment Agreements may be purchased from ACE Institute of Technology.


  • Request the school to provide a current BPSS approved Enrollment Agreementto document cost prior to authorizing training services. The Enrollment Agreement must be maintained in the record of services.
  • Use CSC 460X Training at a Licensed Private Career School (BPSS Certified Program).
  • CSSCs may include:
      Funding Limit
    X Tuition $10,000
    F Fees 300
    B Textbooks and Required Materials 500

    Only those case service support codes included in the approved Enrollment Agreement and required for participation in training, may be purchased from the school.

  • Waiver - A waiver may be available once the VRC evaluates the consumer's individual situation and determines the cost limits established in ACCES-VR policy would deny the consumer access to necessary services. After a full exploration of comparable benefits and all alternatives, the counselor may request a waiver.
  • Authorization numbers for contracted services, including BPSS, start with the number 8.
  • A copy of the BPSS approved Enrollment Agreement must be attached to the invoice in order to process payment.
  • The MIR date for BPSS is the 28th of the month. Bills/vouchers are due from vendors by the 28th of the month. DOs have until the 12th of the following month to enter units (voucher) on the system.

Other BPSS Contracts for certified training programs will be issued around March 1, 2014.

For additional clarification, please contact Ms. Pat O'Neil at PONEIL@mail.nysed.gov; (518) 474-8940 or Jack LaFrank at JLAFRANK@mail.nysed.gov; (518) 486-6585.


410.00 Non-Degree Training at Trade, Business and Other Schools Policy
410.00 Non-Degree Training Procedures: Trade Business and Other Schools

Date Issued: November 20, 2013