College / Higher Education

If your employment objective requires college training, ACCES-VR can provide tuition assistance, fees, books and required materials, partial room and board and related supports for consumers who meet eligibility based on their economic need. ACCES-VR consumers must establish an individualized plan for employment (IPE) with an employment objective requiring college training to qualify for ACCES-VR assistance.

In all instances students and families must first access traditional financial aid such as the New York State tuition assistance program (TAP), federal PELL grants and/or Veterans college aid prior to relying on ACCES-VR sponsorship.

At virtually every college campus throughout New York State, there are disability related resources available to assist students with disabilities with full access and accommodations. Please see the following links for more information on college resources and opportunities for pursuing college training in New York.

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College Financial Aid

College Funding Strategies for Students with Disabilities

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