Copy Fee for ACCES-VR Consumers’ Medical Record - PRO-14-06

ACCES-VR is updating our $10 limit for purchasing copies of consumers’ medical records to $.75 per page plus postage consistent with NYS Public Health Law (PHL) of 1991; Sections 17 and 18 Chapter 165, sections 48 and 49.

The law allows physicians and institutions to charge no more than 75 cents a page, plus postage, for paper copies of medical records. (NYS Department of Health

When possible, consumers should obtain and provide documentation from their treating physician, certified treatment program, a licensed or certified practitioner skilled in the diagnosis and/or treatment of the disability, or other source that verifies the existence and extent of the impairment and the impediments to employment that result from that disability.

Referrals made by other agencies should include information about the individual's disability, resulting functional limitations, and how it relates to his/her employment needs.

If additional information is needed, the individual and counselor will decide how best to obtain the information and establish appropriate time frames. If the individual is unable to provide appropriate documentation, ACCES-VR will obtain the required information.

Copying cost may be reduced by requesting specific documents rather than the entire record or requesting documents from a specific period of time.’

ACCES-VR as a NYS agency may charge no more than $.25 per page or actual cost.

Effective: Immediately

Obsoleted: August 28, 2000 Memo: Revised Fees for Supplying Medical Information for VESID Consumers.

Date Issued: April 25, 2014