Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)

Please be advised that effective immediately ACCES-VR will use only Case Service Code 052X Functional Appraisal (Comprehensive) to purchase Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) services.

An FCE must be completed by a physical or occupational therapist holding a valid license in New York State, or other current licensed provider qualified by scope of practice.

An FCE is used to:

  • Determine the level of safe maximal function at the time of maximum medical improvement;
  • Provide a pre-vocational baseline of functional capabilities to assist in the vocational rehabilitation process;
  • Objectively set restrictions and guidelines for return to work;
  • Determine whether specific job tasks can be safely performed by modification of technique, equipment, or by further training;
  • Determine whether additional treatment or referral to a work hardening program is indicated;
  • Assess outcome at the conclusion of a work hardening program.

FCEs are purchased off contract;
FCEs are authorized by the hour up to a maximum of 5 hours;
The statewide rate for an FCE is $136/hour for a maximum of $680.

Please contact District Office Administration at 518-473-1626 if you have questions.

Date Issued: December 30, 2013