Implementation of Core Rehabilitation Services Contracts

DATE: August 20, 2013

TO: Current and Potential ACCES-VR Service Providers

FROM: Debora Brown-Johnson

SUBJECT: Implementation of Core Rehabilitation Services Contracts

We have been working diligently to complete the procurement process for the Core Rehabilitation Services (CRS) contracts that will include both unified and supported employment services. The response to the RFP from the provider community has been positive in that we received nearly 400 proposals. Consistent with the Method of Award described in the RFP, we have allocated available resources to those vendors who received PASS ratings on approved services or service categories consistent with the identified need within a particular region. The New York State Comptroller’s Office is reviewing the results of this process and our proposed awards. Even though we have met the required timelines for our projected October 1, 2013 start date, a number of factors have arisen that compel us to reassess the time frame for launching the new contracts. For example, New York State has established new prequalification requirements for not-for-profit grantees. Taking this and several other factors into consideration, we have decided to adjust the start date for the new CRS contracts to January 1, 2014.

This change will allow us the time necessary to address these additional factors, as well as properly prepare each of the individual contracts under CRS. ACCES-VR will be relying on these contracts to deliver quality services to thousands of VR applicants and eligible individuals in the years ahead. This new date will ensure that we are able to generate the contracts, train staff and providers on new features and put all of the necessary quality assurance processes in place to the benefit of our consumers.

The current UCS contracts are in place through December 31, 2013 and the Supported Employment contracts are established through September 30, 2014. Therefore, we will continue to provide services under the current contracts through December 31, 2013. In a few instances, District Office Managers have identified specific services under UCS where we may need increased capacity during the final quarter of the contract. In those few instances, where no other service provider is available and the service needs of VR consumers are immediate, we will be seeking contract amendments to carry us through the end of the year. Otherwise, we will be focusing our efforts on ensuring that the new CRS contracts are in place on January 1.

With respect to the new pre-qualification process, please see the attached fact sheet. It provides important information that not-for-profit vendors will need in order to get prequalified to subsequently put a contract in place. We urge you to take these steps as early as possible to avoid unnecessary delays later in the process. If you have any questions about prequalification do not hesitate to use the contact information provided to help you through the process.

Thank you for your continued commitment to meeting the vocational rehabilitation needs of New Yorkers with disabilities. We look forward to our continued work together.


c: Deputy Commissioner Kevin Smith, ACCES-VR Regional Coordinators, ACCES-VR District Office Managers