New VR-32 Authorization to Obtain or Release Confidential HIV/AIDS - PRO-16-03

Related Information and New FAQ Added to HIV TAB

This memorandum is intended to inform you of updates as it relates to HIV. The HIV Technical Assistance Brief now includes a Questions & Answers section that addresses the questions raised during the July 2015 HIV TAB Training. Also, the HIV Release (VR-30) and Disclosure Form (VR-31) have been replaced and discontinued. Both of these forms have been combined into one new release form. Effective immediately, the new VR-32 Authorization to Obtain or Release Confidential HIV/AIDS Related Information replaces both of these forms.

The following web pages in the VR Policy Manual have been revised to reflect these changes:

  • 102.00P Confidentiality Procedure – on page 4, removed reference to the VR- 30/VR-31, and replaced it with the VR-32.
  • VR Services for Individuals Living with HIV/AIDS Technical Assistance Brief
    • On page 6 - the VR-30/VR-31 have been removed and replaced with the VR-32.
    • On page 7 - the section Frequently Asked Questions has been added.


  • 102.00 Confidentiality Policy and Procedure
  • 202.00 Referral and Application for Services Policy
  • Rehabilitation Act:
    • Sections 2(a); 7(22)A and B; 101(a)(9); 102(a)3
  • Federal Statutes:
    • Public Health Service Act, 42 USC Sections 290ee-3 and 290dd-3; The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, 20USC Section 1232g
  • Federal Regulations:
    • 34 CFR Part 99 and Section 361.38; 42 CFR Part 2
  • State Statutes:
    • Education Law Section 1007; Public Health Law, Article 27-F; Mental Hygiene Law
  • State Regulations:
    • 8 NYCRR 247.4

Effective: Immediately


  • VR-30: Authorization for Release of Confidential HIV-Related Information
  • VR-31: Disclosure of HIV/AIDS Related Information
  • Memo on ACCES-VR Release Forms dated 9/22/03


  • Any questions concerning this memorandum should be addressed to the Resource Development Unit at 518-474-1626.

Date Issued: April 1, 2016