Procedure: No-Show Billing for Psychiatric Medical Evaluations - PRO-15-02 CORRECTED

Psychiatric medical evaluations are a valuable rehabilitation service that ACCES-VR purchases when necessary to determine an individual’s eligibility for services and/or to develop the vocational goal. A VR participant is scheduled for a specific block of time for this individualized service. If the individual does not show, the vendor is not able to fill the time. In order to ensure that these services continue to be available to VR participants, ACCES-VR will provide a rate to cover lost time when VR participants do not show.

No-Show Billing Procedure:

Unless otherwise noted, no-shows for psychiatric evaluations may be billed for a flat rate of $30.00. This will be paid provided the psychiatric medical service provider meets the following criteria:

  1. vendor provides a written or email confirmation of the date and time of the initial visit for a service;
  2. the vendor must wait for the participant for 30 minutes after the scheduled appointment time;
  3. within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment time, the vendor must notify, in writing, the participant’s counselor or senior counselor that the participant failed to keep the scheduled appointment. The notification should include the following: provider’s name, participant’s name, the service being provided, and verification notice sent confirming initial visit; and,
  4. upon billing for a no-show, the remaining amount of the authorization becomes null and void.

Effective Date: Immediately

Date Issued: January 30, 2015