Revised Supported Employment Policy and Procedures - POL-12-01

ACCES-VR has revised the 1310.00 Supported Employment Policy and Procedures, to more effectively guide counselors as they provide supported employment to individuals with the most significant disabilities.

The Supported Employment Policy and Procedures are now combined into one document. It emphasizes the role of the ACCES-VR counselor in assessing whether an individual has a most significant disability as well as the individual’s need for ongoing support services in order to maintain employment.

Highlights of the revised policy and procedures include:

  • Maintaining the requirement for the VR counselor to document the comprehensive assessment that identifies the need for supported employment before providing supported employment as a necessary service;
  • Identifying individual placement as the primary model of supported employment; and,
  • Establishing a Supported Employment Placement in Training Case Note in the procedures to capture the initial job placement date in CaMS. (Please note this will be implemented in fall 2012 with the next CaMS build).

The 2012 Provider Guidelines for Supported Employment reflect the changes in policy and procedures are being issued concurrently.

Training on the revised policy and procedures is scheduled for the District Offices during July and August 2012.

The changes to the policy and procedures are based on a review of the federal regulations and the recommendations of the policy development work team. This team consisted of representatives from most of the ACCES-VR District Offices, two community provider agencies and a representative from the ACCES-VR State Rehabilitation Council. These individuals provided valuable input and perspectives throughout the process.

EFFECTIVE DATE: July 2, 2012 

Date Issued: June 11, 2012