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XYZ Family Pharmacy

Not for Profit agency would like to nominate XYZ Family Pharmacy as an exemplary “employment partner” in providing employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities and for providing employer feedback above and beyond just hiring individuals with disabilities. XYZ FAMILY PHARMACY is a regional chain pharmacy and convenience store that has shown dedication and support to individuals with disabilities who enter the workforce.

XYZ FAMILY PHARMACY management has gone above and beyond the customary to accommodate and ensure a supportive environment for their employees with disabilities. XYZ FAMILY PHARMACY is able to provide supports because they are committed to a work environment dedicated to service to “all” and have a corporate culture of “ALL OF US TOGETHER” can make it happen. XYZ FAMILY PHARMACY has been instrumental in educating the network of agencies in the upstate Albany region about their staffing needs. Accordingly, they have employed numerous (20 to 30) individuals in various departments throughout their pharmacies. The management has consistently participated in various partnerships with business advisory committees, ACCES-VR’s Statewide Workforce Development Council and consortium.

Eight individuals from NOT FOR PROFIT SERVICES have been employed for the past year in various positions, and seven are presently employed. The longest employee has been working for thirteen months. The different positions held by these individuals are facing, stock, light maintenance, and cashier.

After several months of employment some of these individuals were given additional responsibilities as they impressed their supervisors with their productivity and their desire to do more. Within a short period of time they were a part of the XYZ FAMILY PHARMACY team.

Another testament of XYZ FAMILY PHARMACY’S dedication is their willingness to address workplace issues in a patient and professional manner as well as provide a flexible work schedule to accommodate individual needs, medical appointments, and transportation issues. Some of these accommodations are:

  • The East Greenbush store manager agreed to hire two individuals for one shift to accommodate the needs of these individuals.
  • The Troy store manager has worked out a flexible schedule for an individual who works part time at the store and also attends a high school equivalency program.
  • The Guilderland store manager worked with the individual and her job coach to address her anxiety issues while at work and effectively problem solve in order to improve her work skills.
  • A similar situation occurred at the Colonie store where another individual was experiencing difficulty with his tasks and thus was able to work with the manager in trying different methods. For this individual, a flexible schedule was worked out to accommodate his transportation needs.
  • At the Latham store, one individual has been offered a promotional opportunity and is now being trained to work as a cashier after completing one year of employment.

As the relationship between NOT FOR PROFIT AGENCY and XYZ FAMILY PHARMACY has developed there continues to be an equal exchange of expected standards. XYZ FAMILY PHARMACY has advocated for quality job coaching knowing the value of their work to their company and the value of the work experience for the individuals. This has resulted in consistent, successful employment for the individuals as well as satisfaction for the employer. Through their efforts, cooperation and patience, XYZ FAMILY PHARMACY has demonstrated an understanding of the importance of vocational rehabilitation for individuals with disabilities and is worthy of recognition for their commitment.