Supervisory Review of Case Services - PRO-11-01

Effective September 1, 2011 ACCES-VR will no longer require supervisory review of UCS and SE case services. These changes are the result of ACCES-VR’s efforts to maximize staff and fiscal resources by allowing counselors to approve and authorize services that can be reviewed through other methods such as case reviews, case service data reports, reviews of contracted services and other compensatory controls. A risk analysis of purchased case services was conducted. The results indicated that the purchase of certain services present minimal risk while the supervisory review process has required extensive staff time. These changes will be periodically assessed to determine the impact of the changes and any needed revisions.

The following highlights the services that no longer require supervisory review.

Description Case Service Code(s)
Supported Employment
Total authorization of less than 100 hours.
UCS Services
(PLEASE NOTE: For staff who process AV’s – Numbers beginning with “7” designate UCS) 
100X, 109X, 110X, 111X, 112X, 117X,118X, 133X, 134X,142X, 165X, 167X, 175X, 176X, 559X, 620X, 625X, 630X, 790X, 880X, 881X, 921X, 929X, 931X, 932X and 959X;
Case Service Support Codes: T, V, Y and Z

Please be advised that ACCES-VR policies, procedures, limits on duration of service and cost of services described in PRO-10-02 remain in effect. Supervisory review may be appropriate for staff on probation or otherwise determined as part of their performance programs.

EFFECTIVE DATE: September 1, 2011

Date Issued: August 25, 2011