Ticket to Work Rule Change - PRO-08-01

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has published new regulations for the Ticket to Work Program, effective July 21, 2008.

Ticket Assignment No Longer Necessary

Under the prior regulations, state vocational rehabilitation agencies (VRAs) had to have Ticket assignment in order to submit for Cost Reimbursement for any beneficiary. Under the new Ticket regulations, VRAs are no longer required to have Ticket assignment to submit a case for Cost Reimbursement. Therefore, District Office staff will no longer be required to complete documentation for Ticket assignment. However, it is important that VR District Office Staff continue to determine Social Security Benefit Status at the time of application for VR services so that claims for VR program costs can be developed and submitted to the SSA for payment.

The new regulations create a new status, “in-use SVRA,” for those situations where the State Vocational Rehabilitation Agency (VRA) is serving a beneficiary under the traditional Cost Reimbursement program. This new status affords these beneficiaries the same protections against Medical Continuing Disability Reviews (CDRs) as associated with Ticket assignment. When a Ticket is in this status, it is not otherwise available for assignment to another Employment Network (EN). VESID will assign this status centrally through the Ticket to Work Unit.

CaMS Changes

The Ticket to Work forms and letters (e.g. TTWFRM - SSA-1365 - Ticket to Work Assignment Form) will no longer be required and therefore will not be available for selection in CaMS. The Ticket to Work program codes (e.g. TAV – Ticket-assigned VESID) are not needed and will be expired.

New Ticket Regulation Overview

Under these new rules, the SSA has revised the Ticket to Work program to encourage VRA’s and other Employment Networks (ENs) to work together to help consumers maintain employment rather than compete with each other for Social Security funding.

The new Ticket regulations create an opportunity for new EN-VR partnerships under which SSA will pay a State VR agency and an EN for assisting the same beneficiary, although the services must be provided sequentially not concurrently. Under this new “Partnership Plus” option, a Ticket Holder may receive VR services to meet his/her intensive up front service needs and, after the VR case is closed, assign his/her Ticket to an EN to receive ongoing support services.

Next Step

VESID’s Serving Individuals who are SSDI/SSI Participant Policy (210.00) and the Social Security and Ticket to Work Procedures (210.00P) are now obsolete. A new policy and procedure will be developed to reflect the updated regulations and other recent changes from the Ticket to Work and Work Incentives Improvement Act and VESID initiatives related the availability of benefits counseling and the use of work incentives.



Serving Individuals who are SSDI/SSI Participant Policy (210.00)
Social Security and Ticket to Work Procedures (210.00P)

INQUIRIES: Any questions concerning this memorandum should be addressed to the Ticket to Work Unit at (315) 428-4016 or 1-800-807-5611.

REFERENCE: Federal Regulation 20 CFR Part 411: http://edocket.access.gpo.gov/2008/pdf/E8-10879.pdf.

Date Issued: July 18, 2008