How to Interpret your NYS HSE Transcript

Please read the following information carefully to help you understand how to read your New York State High School Equivalency (HSE) transcript for the Regents-HSE Exam Pathway. In this Pathway, passing HSE Exam (TASC™ test) scores, Regents Exam scores, and GED® tests from the 2002 Series can potentially be combined to achieve an HSE diploma.

HSE subject-area credit (Writing, Social Studies, Science, Reading, and Math) can only be obtained from the following three sources:

  1. The TASC™ test (used since 2014)
  2. The GED® 2002 Series tests[1]
  3. Qualifying high school Regents Exams
  • Any passing Social Studies Regents Exam may be used to earn HSE Social Studies credit
  • Any passing Science Regents Exam may be used to earn HSE Science credit
  • Any passing Math Regents Exam score may be used to earn HSE Math credit
  • Any passing English Language Arts Regents Exam may be used to earn HSE credits in both Reading and Writing

The NYSED HSE transcript has a section with five columns (as displayed above) which show, from left to right, your:

  • Current TASC™  test scores
  • Highest TASC™ test scores
  • Highest GED® test scores
  • Regents Credit—whether credit was received for passed Regents exams; Y (Yes) or N (No)
  • Reqs Met—whether requirements in each subject area were met; Y (Yes) or N (No)

“Lang” indicates whether the HSE subtest exam was taken in English or Spanish.

Important: Credit must be received in all five subject areas, and a minimum of one TASC™ subtest must be passed in order to qualify for an HSE diploma. As displayed, the bottom row titled “1 TASC Credit” will indicate whether this requirement was met; Y (Yes) or N (No).

TASC™ subtest scores are considered passing when 500 or higher. If you have a score above 500 in Writing with a footnote (such as 5101), this indicates that you did not pass the essay portion of the exam and must take the entire Writing subtest again.

GED® subtests from the 2002 Series (2002-2013 for English, or 2004-2013 for Spanish or French) may be used in place of the corresponding TASC™ subtest. If you passed all 5 subjects on the GED® test but did not meet the 2250 minimum total score requirement, you must pass one TASC™ subtest, of your choice, to earn an HSE diploma.

Regents Examinations that you passed in high school may be substituted for corresponding TASC™ subtests. TASC™ subtests do not need to be taken if you received credit in that subject area in the Regents Credit column.

Important: You cannot earn an HSE Diploma based solely on passed Regents Examination scores. A minimum of one TASC™ subtest must be taken and passed to earn an HSE diploma. You are responsible for knowing which TASC™ subtests to take to earn your HSE Diploma. You may choose to take more than one subtest to increase your chances of passing at least one subtest.

All TASC™ examinees must meet NYS age and residency requirements prior to testing. Find the details of these eligibility requirements by visiting the Application Process and Eligibility Requirements webpage.

You can take the TASC™ test at an official TASC™ testing center. The TASC™ test is free to New York State residents. To find a directory of public TASC™ test centers, visit the HSE Test Center webpage.

The NYSED application for TASC™ testing can be found by clicking on Application A - Application for TASC™ Testing 

Questions? If you have any questions, please contact: Emails are answered within 1-2 business days.


[1] *The GED® 2002 series includes English Language GED® examination taken between 2002-2013. Spanish and French passing GED® examination scores are accepted from the years 2004 - 2013.