Overview of Eligibility Requirements and the Application Process for the New York State Regents-High School Equivalency (HSE) Exam Pathway

The following document provides guidance for applicants and school districts regarding the eligibility requirements and application process for the New York State Regents – HSE Exam Pathway. This pathway to a HSE Diploma allows candidates to substitute passing scores on Regents examinations taken in high school for up to 4 of the 5 required corresponding TASC™ subtests. Candidates must apply by submitting an Attachment R to have their high school Regents exams evaluated for HSE subject area credit. The HSE exam cannot be taken until individuals have met all HSE eligibility requirements. 

For additional useful information, visit the Regents-HSE Exam Pathway webpage.


Important Note: Regents- HSE Exam Pathway applicants cannot earn a HSE Diploma based solely on Regents Examinations. A minimum of one TASC™ subtest must be taken and passed to earn a HSE Diploma. Additionally, individuals may not utilize previously passed Regents examination scores toward an HSE Diploma unless they meet existing eligibility criteria.

Each candidate shall have lived within the State of New York for at least thirty days by the first day of TASC testing and meets the criteria under 1, 2, or 3 below:

  1. 19 years of age or over by the first day of testing.  
  2. At least 17 years of age by the first day of testing, AND has reached maximum compulsory school attendance age, and:
    1. has been out of school for a period of at least one year; or
    2. is a member of a high school class which has already graduated; or
    3. is incarcerated or institutionalized; or
    4. is an adjudicated youth under the direction of a prison, jail, detention center, Office of Children and Family Services facility, parole or probation; or
    5. is enrolled in an alternative high school equivalency  (AHSEP) program; or
    6. has applied to the United States Armed Forces; or
    7. has applied to a college or post-secondary institution; or
    8. is currently enrolled in a Job Corps program; or
    9. has been home schooled; or
    10. is foreign born and has never attended K-12 schools in the United States.
  3. At least 16 years of age or over by the first day of testing AND has reached maximum compulsory school attendance age, and:
    1. is enrolled in an alternative high school equivalency  (AHSEP) program; or
    2. has applied to a college or post-secondary institution; or
    3. has applied to the United States Armed Forces; or
    4. has been home schooled.

For complete information on TASC™ testing eligibility requirements, visit the Application Process and Eligibility Requirements webpage.  

For general information on High School Equivalency and TASC™ testing, visit the HSE/TASC™ webpage.


For Applicants

  1. Complete Section A only of Attachment R (the Application for New York State High School Equivalency Credit for Qualifying Regents Examination Scores). 
  2. Take (or mail) Attachment R to your most recent school, and request that they complete Sections B and C. The school will then send Attachment R, plus required transcripts, to the High School Equivalency Office at the New York State Education Department (NYSED).
  3. You will receive a HSE transcript from NYSED after your application is processed (see “Applicants: What to Expect” below for more information). If the initial processing period (6 – 8 weeks) has passed and you do not have your document, you may email hse@nysed.gov to check your application status.
  4. For more information on taking the TASC™ test, visit the HSE/TASC™ webpage.
  5. If the school where you took Regents examinations has closed and you are unable to access your student records, contact your school district office. In New York City, contact the NYC Department of Education, or visit the NYC Department of Education website.

Applicants: What to Expect

  1. The High School Equivalency Office at NYSED will process your Attachment R within 6-8 weeks of receiving the completed application. To check application status after this period has passed, please email hse@nysed.gov.
  2. Applicants will receive a NYSED HSE transcript via U.S. Mail, which will list credited Regents Examination(s) eligible to be used in place of TASC™ subtests, any previously passed TASC™ subtests, and GED® test scores from the 2002 series[1]
  3. After receipt of the NYSED HSE transcript, eligible candidates may then apply for and take the TASC™ test at an official TASC™ testing center. To find a directory of public TASC test centers, visit the HSE/TASC™ webpage.
  4. TASC™ examinees are responsible for knowing which subtests to take. Refer to your official NYSED HSE Transcript for details.
  5. You can earn HSE subject area credit (Math, Science, Social Studies, Reading and Writing) from the following three sources: passing scores from qualifying high school Regents Examinations, TASC™ subtests, or GED® 2002 series tests. But to earn a NYS HSE diploma, you must pass at least one TASC™ subtest.   If your qualifying passing scores on Regents examinations meet the substitution requirements for all five TASC subtests, you must choose one TASC™ subtest and pass it, in order to receive your HSE diploma. 
  6. If you have any questions, contact: hse@nysed.gov.

For School Districts, Charter, Religious and Independent High Schools

  1. At the request of the applicant, complete Sections B and C of Attachment R.  In Section C, please indicate whether Regents examinations (in each of the four core subject area(s) have been passedor not by marking the appropriate box.
  2. The school principal and/or superintendent of schools must certify and sign Sections B and C of the Attachment R, in blue or black ink. Completed applications (Attachment R, plus official transcript) must be submitted to NYSED via mail as one complete packet.  In the case of public schools, if being certified by the principal of a public high school, a copy of the completed Attachment R package must also be forwarded to the superintendent for district recordkeeping purposes.
  3.  Include an official transcript along with the completed Attachment R and mail both together to the NYSED address as indicated on Attachment R. High School transcripts will not be evaluated without a completed Attachment R. Incomplete application packages will be returned to the certifying institution. Regents-HSE Examination Pathway credit and transcripts will not be issued unless both a completed Attachment R and the appropriate transcript have been received by NYSED’s HSE Office.

[1] *The GED® 2002 series includes English Language GED® examination taken between 2002-2013. Spanish and French passing GED® examination scores are accepted between 2004-2013.