Test Center Forms

The 2022 HSE Test Roster

Instructions for Use of 2022 HSE Monthly Test Roster (only required for non-reimbursable sites)

  • The Monthly Test Roster is available in a printable PDF form or as an excel template.
  • If using the excel template, complete the information for each field: Date range of tests; Center Name (as reported on GED.com); Test Center # (as reported on GED.com); Administrator (completing the form); and Email Address (of the administrator completing the form).
  • List each test taker on a separate line and indicate which subject tests were taken with an ‘X’. The form will track the total number of students and subject tests as you enter the data.
  • Save the document on your computer once it is complete. Name the file to include the date of testing and the Test Center # (as reported on GED.com).
  • Rosters should be submitted no later than 10 days after the end of each month. Please submit as quickly as possible to the conclusion of testing for that month, to not delay test taker results.
  • All candidates that test within the month must be listed once on the submitted rosters.
  • All test centers will submit documents electronically through the HSE Test Session Materials Submission Portal on SharePoint (SP). If your test center is not yet set up for the digital submission of documents, please contact HSETC@NYSED.GOV(link sends e-mail)
  • When necessary, test centers may mail the completed Test Rosters to the HSE Office until your test center is able to submit documents digitally. The HSE office mailing address can be found at HSE Contact Us page.
  • Prepaid NYSED return labels should no longer be used to send physical test paperwork to the HSE Office. Please destroy any Prepaid NYSED return labels that you have not yet used.
  • Any questions, please contact HSETC@NYSED.GOV(link sends e-mail).

Test Centers Reimbursed for Administering HSE Exams

  • Test centers that are under contract for reimbursement should use the appropriate regional reimbursement form.
  • Rosters submitted to the HSE Test Session Materials Submission Portal on SharePoint should reflect the intended reimbursement and will be used in the evaluation of the standard voucher submission for each month
  • Each billing item included on a standard voucher should have an accompanying roster that summarizes the event and billing.
  • Each roster should be submitted no later than 10 days after the end of each month.
  • Standard Vouchers should be received no later than 30 days after the end of each month.
  • GED Manager may be used to generate Rosters. Accommodation information for your candidates will only be available up to the week of the candidate’s test event.

Signature Forms in English and Spanish

For use by PBT Test Takers and CBT Test Takers in Private Settings, when the Test Center Registers the Examinee by Creating their GED Account.