Transferring Passing TASC™ and/or GED® Test Scores from Other States to New York

Interstate Transfer of Passing Subtest Scores for GED® and TASC™ - From Other States to NYS - Toward Meeting Credit Requirements for a NYS High School Equivalency Diploma.

The information below is specific to transferring scores from tests taken in other states to NYS. If you wish to transfer scores from NYS to another state you must contact the appropriate High School Equivalency diploma credentialing body in your state to determine their process.

Requirements and Instructions:

  1. Application I is used to transfer passing scores for the GED® Test and/or or the TASC™ Test from other states to New York State (NYS). The process described below is required to verify NYS residency and age eligibility to test, and permits the merging of passing scores into a candidate’s test records.
  2. Candidates for the transfer of passing scores must reside in New York State and register and schedule at least one GED subject test in New York before submitting Application I.
  3. Requirements to take the GED in New York State.
  4. Complete and submit the Application I form after registering for the GED and scheduling a subtest in New York. You must include your GED account number on the application.
  5. To register for the GED and schedule a subtest, go to:
  6. Candidates who previously took and passed GED subtests from the 2002 GED series (in any state) and/or took and passed TASC subtests in another state, from 2014-2021, may use those passing scores toward meeting the credit requirements for a NYS HSE diploma. See Below:
    Instructions for GED (prior to 2014) and all TASC scores: 1) Register for a GED account on and schedule needed subtest(s); 2) Complete Application I, including GED account number, and either mail to the NYSED HSE Office at the address on the letterhead or submit digitally (see #7 below); 3) Applicants must also provide the official transcripts for any passing scores from the jurisdiction (state or territory) where GED or TASC subtests were taken. It is the applicant’s responsibility to contact the jurisdiction to request that they submit official transcripts directly to the NYSED HSE office. At this time, transcripts must be mailed to the address listed on the letterhead. A digital submission process for receiving official transcripts is being explored. 
    Instructions for transfer of GED scores after 2014: 1) Change your address in the Profile of your account to your NYS address; 2) Schedule and take needed subtests in NYS; 3) Complete Application I and include your GED account number; 4) Submit completed application to the NYSED HSE Office at the address on the letterhead, or digitally (see #7 below)
  7. Application I online formApplication I form-Fill In
  8. See the next page for a paper copy of the APPLICATION I form, to be printed, completed and mailed to the HSE Office at the address listed on the letterhead.