Educational Forms/Quarters

February 2012

When submitting an application for initial certification, the following additional documents are required:

  • Enrollment Agreement. The enrollment agreement is the contract which the student will sign before beginning instruction. A school may have different versions of the enrollment agreement due to the varying nature of the ESL programs. All enrollment agreements must meet the requirements outlined in Part 126.10(j)(6) of Commissioner’s Regulations. See EM-4 for a sample enrollment agreement. Submit two copies of each enrollment agreement; one copy of acceptable enrollment agreements will be returned to the school stamped “Approved.”
  • Description of Refund Policy(ies). The school must submit a description of any and all refund policies which pertain to English as a second language programs. A refund policy must include provisions for students who fail to enter, withdraw, or are discontinued after money has been paid. The most common format for presenting refund policies is in a school catalog.
  • Educational and Administrative Policies and Procedures. The school must state all policies and procedures of the school to which the student must adhere. The most common format for presenting these policies and procedures is in a school catalog.
  • Student Disclosure Material. Part 126.10(j)(5) of the Commissioner’s Regulations describes the necessary contents of the student disclosure material. The Department has prepared a student pamphlet which includes this information and which may be duplicated and translated. If the school wishes to use this, they must make a statement as part of the application process that each student will receive a copy prior to the time of enrollment. Student disclosure material must be distributed in the student’s native language, as well as in English. If the Department disclosure pamphlet will not be used, the school must submit a copy of what they will use to satisfy this requirement.
  • Facilities and Equipment. Proof that the buildings, rooms, and all facilities and equipment within them meet local standards must be submitted. To fulfill this requirement, two copies of the “Application for Approval-Quarters”, BPSS-6, certificate of occupancy, local fire department approval, and local health department approval must be submitted.