Digital Submission of Test Center Materials

The NYSED HSE Office primarily receives required test center materials digitally. Documents routinely uploaded and submitted to the NYSED HSE Office include test rosters for all test centers and reimbursement documents for test centers which receive funding to administer the HSE exam. Updated monthly test roster submission guidelines and forms are available on the NYSED HSE website at the following link: Test Center Forms. The information found on this site includes:

  • All test centers will submit documents electronically through the HSE Test Session Materials Submission Portal on SharePoint (SP). If your test center is not yet set up for the digital submission of documents, please contact HSETC@NYSED.GOV (link sends email)
  • When necessary, test centers may mail the completed Test Rosters to the HSE Office until your test center is able to submit documents digitally. The HSE office mailing address can be found at HSE Contact Us page.
  • Prepaid NYSED return labels should no longer be used to send physical test paperwork to the HSE Office. Please destroy any Prepaid NYSED return labels that you have not yet used.
  • Any questions, please contact HSETC@NYSED.GOV (link sends email)

As per the bolded text above, please be advised that the NYSED HSE Office will be discontinuing its United Parcel Service (UPS) and any UPS labels which test centers still possess will no longer be valid. Also, as noted above, if your test center is not yet set up for the digital submission of documents please contact the HSE Office immediately at: HSETC@NYSED.GOV.  Thank you.