Implementation of the GED® Test

The following resources provide support on implementation of the General Educational Development Test (GED® Test).  

NYSED Webinars (Required for all Coordinators and Examiners prior to test administration):

* Required only for test centers with a contract to receive reimbursement for test administration.

GEDTS Resources (All Links External):

  • VUE Support Services (VSS) is a Pearson VUE system that allows you to access different tools and resources for testing. These include:
  • Training documents
  • Tutorials
  • Test center guides for administering tests and passing the certification exam

Administrators will gain access to VSS before taking the Pearson VUE test for Test Administrators so they can review all necessary materials.

After certification, Pearson VUE will grant access to the tools for managing the test center itself and test registrations (“Site Manager”, “Admissions Manager” and “Registration Manager”).

  • ServiceDirect is a Pearson VUE system for tracking cases/events and managing support for test delivery. You can use this to communicate with Pearson VUE regarding:
  • Software installation and completion of pre-activation tasks
  • Reporting and tracking of candidate support and testing issues (including misconduct and testing disruptions)
  • Requesting authorization of additional exams
  • Ordering additional white noteboards

ServiceDirect training materials are available at any time through VSS.

Additional GEDTS Resources (All Links External):

  • The GED Program Policy Manual
  • GED Manager™ is an exclusive portal designed to help educators & test administrators manage their programs. Test centers must request access to GED Manager. Please note, you will need permission from your State Administrator in order to be granted access. There is no guarantee that you will be approved after requesting access.
  • The Pearson VUE Test Administration Policies & Procedures details the process and procedures for administering computer-based tests. Rules about identification and check-in procedures as well as general test security practices and GED-specific protocol are covered. Test Administrators can access the guide through the VSS portal. (Link provided to Administrators after approval.)
  • GEDPrep Connect™ is a free tool to connect adult learners who have asked for information about their local adult ed program.

Who to Contact for Help

GED Testing Service provides a customer service support line for testers, and a dedicated support line for GED® test centers. This test center support line will direct you to technical support, channel quality and customer service.