Community Information Sessions

Attendance at an orientation session is generally the first step for individuals interested in applying for VR services. Orientation is provided in a group setting where you will have the opportunity to hear about the ACCES-VR program. You will have a chance to ask general questions about our process. Assistance will be provided if you need help with your application.

If you have completed the posted application and additional forms, please bring them when you come to your orientation. To expedite services please bring copies of any recent medical information documenting your disability. If you do not have medical reports or if additional information is needed, we will provide the necessary forms for your doctor to complete or work with you to obtain the required information.

Individuals who need special accommodations must advise us in advance so arrangements can be made. Each session will last approximately 1 hour. If you are unable to attend an orientation other arrangements to assist you will be made.

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