Queens District Office


88-11 165th St.
7th Floor
Jamaica, NY 11432

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Written Directions to Queens District Office


Train  E   or  to Jamaica Center-Parsons/Archer - Exit  train and go upstairs and transfer to the Q54, 56 bus on Parsons & Jamaica Avenue to 165th St & Jamaica Ave walk one block.

Train  to 169th Street/Hillside Ave- Exit train and walk towards 165th St. turn right on 88th Ave. to destination 88-11 165th St, Jamaica, NY 11432.

Long Island Rail Road:

Jamaica Station there are also elevator connections to the Archer Avenue Line of the New York City Subway at Sutphin Boulevard – Archer

Avenue (E J Z trains), directly below. The area just outside is served by several local bus routes;


Q2 & #3 to 165th St. Bus terminal Q 4, 5 to Archer & 165th Street

Q20A, Q20B, Q44 to Archer Avenue and 165th St. walk two blocks.

Q25 and Q34 to Jamaica Ave & Parsons Blvd, transfer to Q54 or Q56 on Jamaica & Parsons get off at 165th St. & Jamaica Ave walk one block

Q65 to 169th St & Hillside, walk to 165th St. turn right on 88th Ave. Q44 to Merrick Blvd and Archer Avenue

Q41 to 165th Bus Terminal walk to 88th Avenue Q43 to 164th St, and Hillside Avenue

Q40 to Sutphin Blvd/Archer Avenue

Q6, Q8 & Q9 to 165th Terminal MTA Bus Stand Q24 to 160th St. & Archer Avenue

Q60 to Queens Blvd & Jamaica Ave

Q30 to 169th St & 89th Ave Q31 to Jamaica Ave/168th St. Q85 to Archer & 165th St

Q111, Q112, Q113 and Q114 to Archer Ave & 160th St.


Please use Google Maps link found on main page for most accurate directions.

Community Information Sessions

Reservations are required to attend any session listed below

At Queens District Office

General Orientation sessions (for applicants aged 25 or older) held every Thursday at 9:30 AM. Please call 347-510-3101 to pre-register.
Transition Unit Orientation (for applicants aged 14 - 24) held every other Monday at 9:30 AM. Call Natasha Jackson 347- 510- 3111 or email Natasha.Jackson@nysed.gov to pre-register.

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