CRS Questions from ACCES-VR STAFF

Service Question DRAFT Proposed Response FINAL Proposed Response

Job Placement

559X –
Work Experience Development
What does this service entail? Is it a stand-alone service or is it to be used in conjunction with the Community Work Experience (958X)?

Are we to authorize the 559X for the vendor to develop the internship site, or is the 559X for an unpaid work experience?

See section beginning on Page 17 of the CRS Program Guide for a description of each service.  559X-Work Experience Development is designed to enlist the assistance of a community provider to aid in securing an employer-based (unpaid) work experience opportunity for an individual.  The vendor may provide job development as part of this service and would be responsible for setting up the work experience, monitoring consumer progress and making the arrangements for required paperwork with the employer.
559X can be offered as a stand-alone service or with 959X Coaching Supports for Employment or 790X Coaching Supports for Post-Secondary Education, Intership.
559X can not be used with 958X Community Work Experience but can be used with 929X Job Development.

Supported Employment

575X -
Job Retention 90 Days
Can the form include a line to indicate the 90-day date that the billable is being billed for? Yes, we will be issuing a new form that will allow providers to indicate the 90-day retention date. See CRS Forms page 1
Job Save A consumer comes to ACCES-VR already employed but in danger of losing the job. ACCESVR provides SE to assist with job maintenance.
Which service lines would a provider be entitled to?
See question # 43 - CRS FAQ Re-intervention may become necessary for an individual after rehabilitation. Re-intervention occurs after the individual's case has been transferred to an extended services contract and the individual shows a need for increased interventions in order to maintain or regain employment. Possible reasons can include changes in job duties or work site, supervisory requirements, medical problems, or disability related limitations, etc. when these factors jeopardize the individual's ability to maintain employment without additional intensive services.
As part of Extended Services, the vendor should provide intensive services needed to establish re-stabilization when the service need is anticipated to be brief.
Re-intervention – In the event that the individual loses his or her job at any point before 90 calendar days have been reached the counselor may choose to continue services with the same provider of supported employment services, you may re-authorize ½ unit of 572X Pre-Employment Assessment/Job Development Services. Do not reauthorize 573X or 574X payments.
Incentive Payments Which staff handle the quality bonus incentive payments when they come due? I am trying to understand how other district offices process these payments.   DOs have the discretion to assign this responsibility to staff based on their available resources but ultimately the VRC is responsible for finalizing the authorized services.
576X & 577X Quality Bonus Authorizations Can the authorization for quality bonus payments be written from the start? Yes Yes, you are encouraged to authorize all 7 milestone payments when the plan is written. Quality bonus at 6 mos from closure will need to be re-written.
SE Extended For a consumer who is eligibility for OPWDD (or OMH) has not yet been determined but based on consumers presenting situation they would likely be determined eligible under OPWDD (or OMH):
The current SE milestone structure requires that consumers be placed into status 22 upon their first day of work and a rehabilitation closure may occur 90 days later. Not all SE consumers known to ACCES-VR are registered with OPWDD (or OMH). The application process and/or eligibility determination for OPWDD (or OMH) may talks several months or longer. Should VRC delay a referral for SE services pending a determination of eligibility from OPWDD (or OMH)?
Can or should the consumer be placed in an ACCES-VR extended, until (or if) the consumer is deemed eligible for OPWDD services? The 2014 SE guidelines states "...ACCES-VR extended service funding is intended to provide for ongoing support services only for individuals who meet the criteria to be eligible for supported employment but who are not eligible for extended service from any other existing extended service funding source." Would ACCES-VR extended funding be permissible until such a time that consumer’s eligibility for OPWDD (or OMH) be determined?
  Do not delay referral and provision of SE services to VR program participants.
The VR-572, Monthly Progress Report (MPSE) and VR-575 forms all require the provider to report on the expected source of extended service funding and status of the application.
An individual can be (1.) temporarily placed in an ACCES-VR Extended Services slot if there is capacity or (2.) 575X can be delayed until the provider completes the application process, or (3.) Provider can fund Extended through another source pending OPWDD eligibility.


YES Please provide clarification on utilization of YES services for individuals we anticipate might benefit from SE. Specifically, are those students able to receive YES services?   Eligible individuals may receive YES services and then supported employment services if they meet all criteria for supported employment.