Agent Applicants

All BPSS school must have a least one agent.  Education Law Section 5004(1)(a) states, in part, no party may, for a consideration or remuneration procure, solicit or enroll any student for instruction in or given by any school within or without the state of New York, unless:

  1. the party is a salaried employee of the school and
  2. the party shall have secured a private school agent's certificate from the department pursuant to regulations of the commissioner.

Agent applicants are required to:

  1. Obtain an employee verification code from the school director
  2. Submit an acceptable and complete online application
  3. Upload a current acceptable picture of the applicant
  4. Upload a complete and acceptable agent reference form
  5. Have good moral character
  6. Pay the evaluation fee of $200
    1. An evaluation cannot be made without an application and non-refundable fee. Once the evaluation is performed, the fee is earned regardless of whether an agent certificate is issued. Appeals of evaluations must be made in writing within thirty (30) days following the issuance of the evaluation.
    2. Director holding a valid director permit/license may apply for an agent application at the same school without incurring the agent application fee. The director must fill out the agent application and attest to the application, then email BPSS requesting the fee be waived at
  7. Pass a background check during the evaluation process

Agent certificate are valid for three years from the date of issuance and only valid at the school and address indicated on the certificate.  Upon submission of a new complete application, the application will receive a temporary approval certificate that will be valid for 30 day or until the application is approved or denied, whichever occurs first.

Resources and Guidelines: