Early Access to Unofficial Scores and Interpreting a HSE Transcript

After examinees have created a GED account, and scheduled and taken their exam, they can access their unofficial GED® Test scores by logging into their account on the GED Homepage.  Test scores are unofficial pending verification that all New York State Education Department’s (NYSED) regulatory requirements were met. Diplomas are processed by the NYSED High School Equivalency (HSE) Office and mailed to the address included in the examinee’s GED Registration. The official verification of scores and the issuance of an HSE diploma and accompanying transcript, if all subtests were passed, is completed approximately 8-10 weeks after testing is complete.

Unofficial GED Test scores found on a GED account do not include passing scores that the examinee  received from prior tests taken. These may include the GED Test (2002-2013) and the TASC Test™ (2014-2021), or subject credit received through passing Regents exams. For information regarding all subtest credit earned Candidates may use the HSE Status Report.

After processing, new GED Test results are blended with any previously passed subtest(s). The GED Test includes one subject test for both reading and writing: Reasoning Through Language Arts (RLA). If only reading or writing was previously credited via the 2002-2013 GED® Test or the 2014-2021 TASC Test™, or sub-test credit approved via passing Regents exams,  the RLA must be taken and passed for HSE credit.  Once a diploma has been earned the HSE Office will  issue and mail the official document to the address provided at the time of scheduling. Once processed, please expect an additional 2-4 weeks for printing and mailing.

Interpreting a HSE Transcript