Job Coaching

This program allows ACCES-VR to pay the wages of a "coach/trainer" to help individuals who learn best one-on-one. The business advises the job coach about the job standards and then the job coach helps to train the employee. As the worker learns the job tasks, the coach's involvement gradually fades, but is available for follow up.

Job coaching is a service designed to assist eligible ACCES-VR candidates meet the changing work requirements of businesses. Job coaching can be used as a training method to prepare a individual for employment with a particular business. Coaching can be used when job tasks change and the individual needs to get re-acclimated with the new tasks.

Job coaching can also be provided within the context of a larger program known as supported employment . These programs provide both the worker and the business with on-going support. As the worker learns the job tasks, the job coach's involvement fades to one or two visits per month to regularly check on the worker's job performance.