What Technical Assistance can ACCES-VR provide?

ACCES-VR’s professional staff can provide businesses no-cost technical assistance on disability issues.

Worker Retention Services

  • ACCES-VR can provide vocational assistance for eligible injured or disabled workers to return to their job or help prepare for different jobs.
  • Financial assistance for re-training is available for employees who qualify.
  • On-the-Job Training reimbursement may be available to your firm.

Reasonable Accommodations

  • Our Business Relations Team will help you develop effective work site accommodations.
  • 31% of reasonable accommodations cost business zero dollars, 19% cost between $1 and $50.
  • Section 44 of the Internal Revenue Code offers the Disabled Access Tax Credit for small businesses (any business that in the preceding tax year has gross receipts of $1 million or less OR employed 30 or fewer full-time employees). This credit, of up to $5,000 per year, may be received for providing accommodations for employees for employees with disabilities, in compliance with the ADA.
  • Job Accommodation Network

Barrier Free Work Sites

  • We can provide you with technical assistance to increase the accessibility of your work place.
  • Section 190 of the Internal Revenue Code allows all businesses the Barrier Removal Tax Deduction of up to $15,000 per year for the removal of architectural and transportation barriers for the benefit of individuals with disabilities.

Diversity Training

  • We will provide no-cost, individualized on-site training for management, line and support staff regarding disability-related diversity issues.
  • Many of our business relations team members are part of the ADA Trainer Network (ADA TN), a group of individuals across the nation who use a curriculum provided by the ADA National Network to educate local communities about the ADA.