Carol... A Smiling Success

Dental Assistant

When Carol was referred to ACCES-VR as part of her transition planning from the Riverview High School in Nyack NY, she was unsure of her employment goals. Carol felt that her learning disability would create a barrier to many jobs. She was not confident in her academics which made her anxious. ACCES-VR provided a vocational evaluation to determine her skills and abilities. Carol also received benefits advisement services at the Rockland-Independent Living Center so she was aware of the options available to her for potential receipt of benefits. Carol participated in driving lessons through the support of ACCES-VR so that she would be able to drive to a job when she completed training.

Carol explored a variety of vocational options including esthetician, recreation assistant and day care worker. As she moved through the exploration process, Carol became more confident and self-assured. After considerable exploration she decided on a career goal of dental assistant. ACCES-VR sponsored her for a dental assistant training program. Upon completion of training Carol began a full-time job earning $15.00hr with benefits at a health care facility in Rockland County.

Carol is extremely grateful to ACCES-VR for "helping me be happy with myself and be able to move along. It's wonderful to have had this help".

This story was submitted by Michele Green
Local Workforce Development and Business Relations Representative
White Plains District Office

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