Danielle... Moving Up

Office Clerk

Danielle was referred to ACCES-VR by her high school, where she was receiving special education services for a learning disability.   An initial assessment demonstrated an interest and aptitude for the retail industry.  With ACCES-VR’s support, Danielle was successfully employed as a cashier for four years at which point she was ready for a career change.

Danielle reapplied for ACCES-VR services helped her set an employment goal for office work.  She was referred to the UCP of Long Island for job placement and coaching services.  Danielle was hired as a full-time office clerk.   ACCES-VR provided the support of a job coach. to assist her in learning her new work tasks and adjusting to the new work environment.  The coach helped her create a manual of step-by-step directions necessary to complete all assigned duties.  Soon, she was able to successfully master scanning, filing, and data entry.  Danielle was shy around others in the workplace and had difficulty asking for assistance when needed; the job coach supported her in developing working relationships with her supervisors and coworkers.  She became fully independent in her job functions after three months and has maintained her employment without additional supports.

As per Danielle’s supervisor, Danielle has gained much confidence throughout her employment.  She has learned to problem-solve independently and regularly assists her coworkers with office duties due to her broad understanding of office machines and the daily clerical tasks requirements of the company.  Danielle has received annual increases in her salary based on her good performance, and has expressed that she would like to continue to move up and excel with her employer. 

This story was submitted by Ella Craanen
Regional Workforce Development and Business Relations Coordinator
Garden City District Office

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