Joseph… Building a Future in Manufacturing

Assembler/Production Operator
Picture of Joe

Joseph applied to ACCES-VR in late 2013 for assistance in finding employment. He had previous experience as a subcontract assembly worker and part-time cook, but was finding it difficult to obtain a full-time position that provided benefits. Joseph, who has bilateral deafness, was very active in looking for work when he came to ACCES-VR. He had applied to local corporations for assembly positions and had obtained some interviews, but unfortunately with no resulting job offers. Joseph’s primary means of communication is American Sign Language (ASL). His ACCES-VR Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, Kelly Steward, referred him to Catholic Charities for assistance with his job search. In addition, ASL interpreter services were authorized to support Joseph in this process.

Within a few months, Joseph was offered the position of Assembler/Production Operator at a large corporation which manufactures forklifts. He quickly settled into the position, demonstrating an excellent work ethic. He has since had the opportunity to cross-train on other equipment in the facility, and reportedly is doing very well. ACCES-VR provided interpreters for Joseph’s interview and his early training, following which his employer secured interpreters for key interactions and for quarterly employee meetings at the company. Joseph is very happy in the position, earning good wages with a full benefits package and the opportunity for career advancement.

This story was submitted by Dorothy Marinaccio
Regional Workforce Development and Business Relations Coordinator
Southern Tier District Office

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