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Visitor Services Representative
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Kevin Casey has always had a passion for art, history, and architecture.  When he landed a job at the South Street Seaport Museum as a Sales Associate and Gallery Guide, it was a perfect fit. Kevin had acquired over 35 years of experience working in museums and was able to transfer all of his knowledge and expertise to his new position.  Unfortunately, in 2012 New York City was hit by Hurricane Sandy, which impacted the museum and Kevin consequently found himself out of work.

Kevin needed assistance to find a new job.  He was unfamiliar with the labor market and how to navigate it as a job seeker.  Kevin is an individual with Autism and needed assistance with his communication and interpersonal skills.  He was ultimately referred to ACCES-VR by the Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities (MOPD).

ACCES-VR arranged for Kevin to receive job placement services through Birch Family Services.  He was assisted with preparing to re-enter the workforce by brushing up on his interviewing skills, and upgrading his computer skills.  Kevin received tools to help him fill out job applications, conduct job searches and worked with VR staff to find employment opportunities.  These services helped to build his confidence and make him more marketable.

In conjunction with a partner organization called Best Buddies International, Kevin ultimately secure a position as a Visitor Services Representative at the Central Park Conservancy.  This job was a great match for Kevin, as he knew a lot about the park and could relay information to visitors.  His skills and interests were taken into account, resulting in a positive job placement.  He was been able to master his tasks very quickly through the assistance of job coaching.  The Job Coach provided onsite support to help Kevin effectively interact with visitors and staff and perform his duties with efficiency.

Here is what Kevin says about his job and his experience working with ACCES-VR:

“This summer is going well for me because of my job with the Central Park Conservancy.  It is a dream job for me.  I really love it there.  I have always loved Central Park and all of the other Olmsted parks but especially Central Park.  My experience with ACCES-VR has been a very positive and pleasant one.  I found the people at ACCES-VR to be very helpful and understanding.  I hardly felt nervous there at all.  I would recommend ACCES-VR to anyone in my position. It is a great organization.”

It is clear that Kevin enjoys his job.  His ability to contribute his unique talents to his work and the people around him make him an asset to his employer.  He is a shining example of how ACCES-VR can provide individuated services for a successful employment outcome. 

This story was submitted by Arnold Dorin
Regional Workforce Development and Business Relations Coordinator
Manhattan District Office

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