Larry... Rolling Towards Success!

Cart Attendant
Picture of Larry

After many unsuccessful attempts to retain a job, Larry was referred to ACCES-VR by a supported housing program for vocational support services. With the guidance of ACCES-VR, he completed a vocational evaluation and was placed into a competitive job. Larry had difficulty maintaining employment due to his uncooperative attitude, insubordination, and communication issues.  After losing this position, Larry realized that it would be difficult to attain his ultimate goal of living independently.  He soon recognized that in order to maintain a job he would have to display acceptable behaviors within the community.

Larry began participating in anger management counseling and he learned how to demonstrate socially appropriate responses when faced with difficult situations. With his newly found confidence, Larry reached out to ACCES-VR once again. Through on-going vocational supports, he was successful in securing a position at a local supermarket as a Cart Attendant. To date, Larry has been able to work cooperatively with co-workers and supervisors. He has displayed excellent attendance and has been able to cope with extreme weather for the past two years.

After demonstrating competence on the job, Larry was tasked with the responsibility of training new staff on parking lot duties and responsibilities. Following a set schedule of three days per week for the past two years; management encouraged him to work an additional day on a permanent basis. Larry was excited to accept this new opportunity and continues to maintain his success.

This story was submitted by Ella Craanen
Regional Workforce Development and Business Relations Coordinator
Garden City District Office

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