Madeline… From Tragedy to Triumph

Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor Assistant
Picture of Madeline

Madeline is a giver.  She works hard to support her family, and she is the type of a person whom everyone would like as a friend.  After the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001, her life changed.  Due to the attacks, Madeline experienced the trauma of losing friends, co-workers, and her employment, after which she found it difficult to care for the people that she loves. 

It was at this point when she applied for Vocational Rehabilitation services at the ACCES-VR Queens District Office, and became acquainted with Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor (VRC) Lorie Boyd.  With Lorie’s help, Madeline participated in a Diagnostic Vocational Evaluation.  The evaluation indicated Madeline’s strengths lie in the clerical occupations.  Madeline also benefitted from the exceptional guidance and counseling that she received from Lorie.  Lorie helped Madeline recognize her unique strengths, and she encouraged her to apply for a position within the ACCES-VR office as a Temporary Case Aide.

While working as a Temporary Case Aide, Madeline’s supervisors and co-workers recognized her exceptional attitude and performance.   Soon after, an opportunity to fill a permanent Keyboard Specialist position within the office became available.  With Lorie’s guidance and a little encouragement from her co-workers, Madeline applied and was hired. After several years of dedicated work Madeline earned another promotion to become a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor Assistant (VRCA).

Today, Madeline continues her work as a VRCA in the ACCES-VR Queens District Office.  She reports that she loves her job and she believes that her experience as a former ACCES-VR participant allows her to have a greater sense of compassion and empathy for ACCES-VR participants she now serves.  Madeline also reports that although VRC Lorie Boyd has found career success of her own (Lorie is now a Workforce Development and Business Relations Representative working out of the ACCES-VR Garden City District Office), they continue to stay in touch with each other, both as co-workers and friends. Recently, Madeline expressed to Lorie Boyd “You are my inspiration and I consider you a mentor, a friend, and a person that anyone can go to for help.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the guidance and assistance you have given me.”  

This story was submitted by Lorie Boyd
Local Workforce Development and Business Relations Representative
Garden City District Office

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