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Entrepreneur – Pete’s Cakes
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Pete came to ACCES-VR as a leukemia survivor with orthopedic limitations. Prior to his cancer diagnosis, he worked in the baking industry as an assistant baker with a local bakery. Pete also had a small baking business out of his home.  However, he had difficulty in his position at the local bakery and continuing his home business due to limitations resulting from shoulder and back issues. He ultimately was forced to discontinue his employment due to his lifting limitations.

Pete has a great passion for baking. He wanted to expand his baking business out of his home, feeling this was the best way to use his baking skills and work within his limitations.  He worked closely with his ACCES-VR Counselor, Christina Sheldon to evaluate the services and equipment he needed to be successful as a Baker Entrepreneur.  ACCES-VR was able to assist him with purchasing equipment that reduced the physical demand level required for his baking business. This included a 32-quart mixer, convection oven and equipment to assist with measuring large quantities of product and labeling. Because of this equipment, Pete is able to produce a greater amount of product at one time with less physical effort.

Pete’s Cakes has been in operation since December 2013. Pete has increased his business in his local area and has maintained regular customers since that time. He has been able to expand his baking menu with the addition of the equipment ACCES-VR purchased.  This has been invaluable to him.  A larger selection of product has been an excellent marketing tool for his business.  Pete has completed almost two years in business and hopes to continue expanding his customer base.

This story was submitted by Patti Williams
Local Workforce Development and Business Relations Representative
Utica District Office

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