Ronald… Happy to join the Red Lobster Team!

Silverware Roller
Picture of Ronald

Ronald applied for ACCES-VR services in June 2014. Ronald received special education services in school, and completed his program at the age of 21. Ronald’s disability makes it difficult for him to communicate with others. He had experience working in a sheltered setting, completing packaging and assembly tasks, and had also performed copying services while in school at BOCES. Through his work experiences Ronald demonstrated he was able to learn tasks with a hands-on approach, and had the potential to successfully work in the community with the assistance of a Job Coach.

When Ronald felt he was ready to get a job in the community, his ACCES-VR Counselor, Mackenzie Eichhorn, referred him to Achieve’s Supported Employment Program. Achieve assisted Ronald in his job search, including providing a job coach to accompany him on interviews. When Ronald was offered an interview at Red Lobster, the manager was very accommodating, recognizing that Ronald’s aptitude for the job of silverware roller might not be conveyed in a conventional verbal interview. Instead, he showed Ronald the task, then asked him to demonstrate how he would complete it. Ronald successfully completed the silverware rolling, and was offered the job. In addition to the job coaching Ronald received, ACCES-VR provided a Work Try-Out wage reimbursement to Red Lobster for the initial few weeks of Ronald’s employment. Ronald enjoys the repetitive nature of the silverware roller position and is very focused and responsible in performing his job. His attitude and attendance are excellent, and he always displays a great smile. At his six-month evaluation Ronald was very happy to receive a raise. Red Lobster is extremely pleased with his performance.

This story was submitted by Dorothy Marinaccio
Regional Workforce Development and Business Relations Coordinator
Southern Tier District Office

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