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Steven was referred to ACCES-VR by his guidance counselor at Nyack High School for transition services and possible college sponsorship. Despite being a very bright student, Steven struggled with grammar, reading, spelling, and written expression. As a result, he was provided accommodations that included extended time for testing, separate testing locations and having spelling requirements waived.

ACCES-VR completed a vocational evaluation at the high school and found that construction trades, installation, plumbing and maintenance were all strong areas of interest and aptitude. It was Steven’s dream to attend Norwich University in Vermont, a private military college with a strong Construction Management program. In addition to his interest in this program, Steven wanted to be involved in the Corps of Cadet program at the university.

Throughout Steven’s four years at Norwich University, ACCES-VR provided financial assistance toward tuition, fees, books, room and board, which Steven states “went a long way when it came to being able to afford college”. Steven completed his Bachelor’s degree in Undergraduate Construction Management with a Business Administration Minor, achieving an overall GPA of 3.36.  Upon his graduation, Steven was offered a commission in the service, but decided to work in the private sector instead. The challenge that he faced after graduation was his lack of work experience. However, Norwich University has an excellent Career Development Center, which assisted Steven with his job search and resume development.

With the Career Development Center’s assistance, Steven found a job as an Office Engineer at a construction firm in Vermont, earning $52,000 per year with benefits and a 401K Plan. He is working on major projects at this time and is an essential part of the day-to-day operation.  He enjoys his job very much and can see himself making a lifelong career with this company. The construction firm has a Leadership Development Program which provides employees exposure to all aspects of the business and offers the opportunity to follow the career path most suitable to their own personal goals. Steven hopes to take advantage of this opportunity in the future.

Regarding ACCES-VR’s college sponsorship, Steven said “Not having to worry about financial issues during college really helped me stay focused on my studies, which contributed to my success. Despite coming from a low income family, I was given the opportunity to attend and afford a great college where I grew and developed as an individual”.

This story was submitted by Michele Green
Local Workforce Development and Business Relations Representative
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