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Over the past year, ACCES-VR has helped identify and introduce 6 new staff members to work at AiCure as part of the inaugural Video Review team. ACCESS-VR was a great resource to have while overseeing the hiring process and continued to be a tremendous help as the new team members got comfortable and settled after starting their new roles. ACCES-VR sponsored job coaching supports provided by AHRC. AHRC Staff accompanied the new hires during their early days at the company to ensure that each staff member felt comfortable, that the job was a good fit, and that any initial difficulties or confusions could be solved together in order to prepare each employee for success. One of the six hires found through ACCES-VR earned a promotion to the product team within 9 months of their start after taking on new assignments, allowing them to both fill a new essential role and gain experience in a field that they expressed personal interest in.

The staff hired through ACCES-VR have become valuable and integral contributing members of the community at AiCure. Each employee has shown care and concern for the quality of their work as part of the company’s larger goal, and they have always expressed an eagerness to try or learn any tasks that would be of help. AiCure is proud of its employees found through ACCES-VR, and has valued their growth as independent and diverse employees of a successful team.

Gabriella Hall
Video Reviewer Supervisor