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"Having had successful personal experience with ACCES-VR, I reached out to them hoping to find applicants who could and would become productive workers in helping us meet our customers’ needs.  KEPCO, Inc., headquartered in Flushing, NY, designs and manufactures well-regulated DC power supplies and associated electronic equipment.  We have been providing power system solutions to the world for over 70 years.  Over this period of time, it has been increasingly difficult to source, hire and maintain employees with the right aptitude and attitude.  We turned to ACCES-VR to assist us in our hiring needs.

I imagine many companies are tentative about approaching an agency such as ACCES-VR – the unknown is always a little scary.  But with ACCES-VR’s guidance, and preparation of their candidates, as well as meeting and speaking with our Team prior to the interview, the entire process went smoothly.  ACCES-VR representatives took the time to visit Kepco, to understand the jobs available so that they could screen their clients for a match – and it worked.  Our contact with ACCES-VR resulted in 5 hires over a 9-month period of time! 

Kepco not only gained pleasant, dedicated employees who picked-up new skill sets and were productive within the first few days of employment, but also learned about the Work Try-Out Program which allowed KEPCO a partial refund of payroll dollars – cost-effective hiring!

And then there was the ongoing support of ACCES-VR – they provided coaches who assisted their candidates in settling in and, above all, supported Kepco’s Human Resources Department in the initial hiring and orientation phases of employment. 

ACCES-VR meets the needs of our organization – from screening candidates and preparing them for interviews to on-going employer support and education.  The success of ACCES-VR candidates is KEPCO’s success and we are proud to have partnered with them."