Work Try-Out (WTO)

WTO can offset many of the costs associated with hiring new employees, and you as the employer, can be assured that the employee is right for the job. ACCES-VR can reimburse a business for 100% of an employee's wages for up to 480 hours. This offers the business the opportunity to evaluate the employee's ability to satisfactorily perform the job. This wage reimbursement program requires the business to place the new hire on the company payroll and cover them with all benefits including Worker's Compensation and Social Security. Reimbursement occurs whether the employment outcome is successful or not. The try out period length is determined jointly by you, the employer, and the ACCES-VR representative. The ACCES-VR WTO reimbursement breakout is calculated on an hourly basis with a maximum of 480 hours reimbursed at 100% gross wage.

WTO Agreement