Lisa... New Beginnings

Financial Specialist/Accounts Payable Clerk
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Lisa worked in Finance for many years, however due to changes on the job, she began struggling. At the recommendation of her neuropsychologist, Lisa applied for ACCES-VR services and met Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor, Sheena Bassett.

Through the vocational rehabilitation process and with the guidance of VRC Bassett, Lisa explored using her education and work experience in finance to find an employment position that met her current interests and employment goals.   

It was agreed, job placement services were a required service to assist Lisa in looking for a new employment position. Lisa found a position in finance but struggled to learn the new job tasks. Lisa was hesitant to utilize coaching supports, especially on-site as she feared employer stigma and did not want to disclose her mental health diagnosis. Unfortunately, this employment position was not a long-term success.

Lisa resumed the employment search with the assistance of direct placement services and secured an interview for an Accounts Payable Clerk position. Lisa was offered and accepted the employment position.  To ensure success on the job, VRC Bassett requested additional medical records and a neuropsychological exam. The neuropsychological evaluation provided recommendations that Lisa could utilize in a new position when learning new job duties. Although Lisa remained hesitant to onsite job coaching, Lisa was open to allowing VRC Bassett to offer the employer a Work Try Out. The Work Try Out confirmed the suitability of the employment position and gave VRC Bassett and Lisa performance information that helped build Lisa’s confidence and ease her anxiety over her job performance. Through the Work Try Out, the business provided reasonable accommodations during the onboarding and training that made it possible for Lisa to learn her new job tasks.  Lisa has great natural support through her employer and utilized off-site coaching supports through her direct placement provider. Lisa has maintained employment as an Accounts Payable Clerk for the past year and a half and continues to enjoy her employment position.

This story was submitted by Ashley Paciello
Regional Workforce Development and Business Relations Coordinator
Utica District Office

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