CRS 2.0 Service Report Forms (January 1, 2019 - December 31, 2023)

Entry Services

Level 1 - Entry Service 1

Orientation Provider Report

Orientation Attendance Sheet|

ACCES-VR Orientation (Consumer Survey)

Application Information Sheet

Level 2 -Entry Service 2

Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS)

Pre-ETS Counseling on Opportunities for Enrollment in Comprehensive Transition or Post-Secondary Educational Programs at Institutions of Higher Learning

Pre-ETS Job Exploration Counseling

Pre-ETS Instruction in Self-Advocacy

Pre-ETS Workplace Readiness Training to Develop Social Skills and Independent Living

Pre-ETS Work-Based Learning Development

Pre-ETS Worksite Based Trainer

Work-Based Learning Experience/Wage Reimbursement

Assessment Services

Career Exploration Assessment

Diagnostic Vocational Evaluation (DVE) / Community Based Situational Assessment (CBA)

Community Based Workplace Assessment (CBWA)

Standardized Testing / Specialized Evaluations

Job Preparation Services

Benefits Advisement

Self-Advocacy for Employment

Work Readiness 1 - Soft Skills Training
Work Readiness 1 - Soft Skills Training - Deaf Services

Work Readiness 2 - Skill Development

Work Readiness 3 - Skill Development and Work Experience

Job Retention - Tier 4 - (Corresponding to 630X)
Job Retention - Tier 4 - Deaf Services (Corresponding to 630X)

Job Placement Services

Work Experience Development

Community Work Experience

Coaching Supports for Employment
Coaching Supports for Employment - Deaf Services

Employment Customization

Direct Placement Intake - Tier 1

Job Seeking and Job Development - Tier 2
Job Seeking and Job Development - Tier 2 - Deaf Services

Job Placement - Tier 3
Job Placement - Tier 3 - Deaf Services

Job Retention - Tier 4
Job Retention - Tier 4 - Deaf Service

Quality Wage Incentive for Provider

Job Placement Monthly Placement Activity Report

Supported Employment Services

 Supported Employment Intake

Core 1 SE Pre-Employment Assessment/Job Development

Core 2 SE Job Placement (Day 5)

Core 3 SE Job Placement (Day 45)

Core 4 SE Job Retention

SE Job Retention - Hours Per Week

Extended Supported Employment for Youth FTE

Extended Supported Employment FTE

Employment Customization

Monthly Progress Report for Supported Employment

Assistive Technology / Rehabilitation Technology

Assistive Technology / Rehabilitation Technology Evaluation

Assistive Technology / Rehabilitation Technology Training

Driver Rehabilitation Services

Level I - Vendor Travel for Driver/Vehicle Evaluation or Training

Level II - Adaptive Driver Evaluation - Low Tech - Car or Van
Level II - Adaptive Driver Evaluation - High Tech - Car or Van

Level III - Adaptive Driver Training - Low Tech - Car or Van
Level III - Adaptive Driver Training - High Tech - Car or Van

Adjunct Services

Coaching Supports - Not Job Placement Related

Communication Coaching Supports

Mobility Services

Transportation 1 - Facility Coordinated

Transportation 2 - Facility Provided

Performance Review (for ACCES-VR Staff Only)

Performance Review